Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ciao all! Mari here. Pronounced "mah" (now roll your 'r') "ree". The name may be unfamiliar to you but familiar to family—seems like you're family now. I live in Astoria, New York and am studying both graphic design and Italian. A true Italophile, I am a lover of all things dealing with the peninsula. For the curious curiouser, my favorite color is orange and I like to drink espresso before bed. On my first day of kindergarten, I had a toasty nutella sandwich for lunch. Till this day, I go through jars like it's my job. I travel, adore adventures and have a real obsession with quotes by great American novelists. People who inspire me go by the names of Bruno Munari, Matisse, Paula Scher, Italo Calvino, Olimpia Zagnoli, Walt Whitman, Sophia Loren and my Godson Luca. This blog intends to welcome you into my visual world, whether that be in design, food or a swim along the Mediterranean. All aboard?

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