Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet Marimekko: "Mary-dress"


When translated from Finnish into English, Marimekko implies "Mary-dress". Now whats not to love about that? Founded by Finnish
couple Armi and Viljo Ratia (oo la la), Marimekko was created in 1951 and brought the world of graphic design and textile making into one interwoven fabric of society. The company pioneered a bold, avant garde, playful wave of colorful patterns to a region of the world just dying for a splash! Already a fashion power house in Finland, Marimekko would then make impressions abroad. Especially in Italy, where the company displayed a clothing line in Milan at the Rinascente, whose store manager at the time was oh, I don't know, some man you may know by the name of Giorgio Armani. In the United States, a little starlet called Jackie Kennedy would be swept away by sugary sweet patterns and designs galore! In fact, Jackie ushered Marimekko's main popularity in the U.S by purchasing eight dresses during the 1960s U.S. Presidential campaign. Today, Marimekko plays a leading role in the textile and design industry, staying true to their core foundations: printed fabrics and related design expertise, as stated in an article regarding tripling the output capacity of its textile printing factory. For more information on the article and anything related to Marimekko, please visit I'm warning you, you may want to purchase everything. Remember we're in a recession.

From sophisticated clothing to bags, umbrellas, interior decorations and kitchenware—you name it, Marimekko can potentially make it.
My obsession with the company is rooted from the simple fact that everything is made, worn and adored by women. Eventually making their way into my brazen sneaker collection, Converse has teamed up with Marimekko to make the worlds most fabulous Valentine's Day gift (hint hint). In an article posted by Flywire Tech on February 8th, we found that "Marimekko’s line of beautiful patterns and designs was transferred from clothing to footwear by using four Converse models which includes the new Chuck Taylor All Star PJ." Check it out! Enjoy!

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