Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Book of Faces

So last week we learned about Art Nouveau and the birth of the poster yes?
Now let's take a look at how the poster reflects our modern day culture.
(No offense 19th century)....Great news! The Oscars has branched out to
the promotional poster department of design! Yay! "Mr Shabba, also known
as the British designer and illustrator Dean Walton, has taken it upon himself
to recast five nominated films as gorgeous illustrated prints, which are now

available for purchase. Walton distills each film down into its purest element,
often working in a single color. Each poster also features a silhouette of the main
character, which is especially effective for this print for The Social Network."

Illustration by Dean Walton, 2011


If you're in it, you already know it. I'm referencing the wonderful world of facebook.

Words like "comment", "post", "wall", "friendship", and "status" will never be
the same again. Last week I watched The Social Network for the first time (hence the post). "If you guys were the inventors of facebook, you would have invented facebook":GO MARK! Though as great as it was, the undertone of the film scared me silly. Why? Because of how embedded I am in this facebook culture. As of today, Feb. 27, 2011; the global audience for facebook consists of 629, 622, 300 members. Within this number, over 152,189,880 are in the United States. Are you shocked? I'm not. We knew the references and truly understood the story because we're part of the story. No other generation can say this. Why would they want to anyway? Facebook is the mother of all time-wasters. However, we love it. We love you. It links us to past friends, current friends; it finds us internships; it allows us to stay in touch with cousins from Italy;
it updates us through photos; it reassures us how much our ex-whatever you call its
"ain't all that"; it helps us form events without paper; I mean really.... I can go on....but I won't. (You know you love it too).

If you're not watching by now, the Academy Awards are on, this second. If you knew this and are currently watching or happen to read this after you've watched it—how fabulous do Halley Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow look? Um, may I borrow their wardrobe, please? And well, let's get down to the meat and potatoes...the real reason why we're watching the dang Oscars tonight anyway. Can you say....


Dinner for two? 2011
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