Saturday, February 5, 2011

An ode to nutella.

Slogan: “Che cosa sarebbe il mondo senza Nutella?” -
What would the world be without Nutella?

Just in case you were wondering, today we celebrate my pride and joy in the
realm of Italian sweets and treats: nutella. Serving Italian children and
people of the universe a creamy delicious spread since the 1940s, we are now
commemorating the
5th Annual World Nutella Day. Nutella constitutes half
my body/weight real estate, so I figured the least I can do was show some love
on blogspot. Thank you Ferrero (well  not really).  So if you're not feeling my
drive and are confused about the craze, here's the deal. Nutella to me, is what
Nathanial hotdogs are to you: delicious, nostalgic, and well, a problem for
the belly area.

I would like to start a discussion about their logo. It's nothing crazy; chunky,
clean, simple—but we love it. Why? What makes us attracted to something?
Of course it's the product, correct? However, how does design influence marketing
strategies? At the end of the day, when a product is good and you've been
faithful to this product for years, for centuries—does their design/branding
really matter? Oops. Did I just say this right now? Let's be honest, if the jar
of nutella had rainbow emoticon collages all over it, (yes, that would be
terrible/design suicide), yet if the product is amazing, wouldn't we still buy it?
I would.
What are your thoughts? Let me know. 

For more info and proof that I'm NOT crazy, check out these sites!

Happy Nutella day!


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