Friday, April 8, 2011

The Boys of Type

Last night I attended a panel discussion sponsored by The Type Directors Club called TYPE RULES. The event was held at NYIT's Manhattan Campus where a lengthy discussion about oh I don't know -- this little critter called: TYPE -- seemed to raise eyebrows (or in Matteo's case, moustaches).

Amongst the panelist were the young fellows whom, after hearing them, I like to reference as The Boys of Type: Matteo Bologna, Roberto DeVicq, Jesse Ragan and Aaron Carambula. Each designer brought his own personality to the table expressing his process, thoughts and passion for typography. They are incredibly passionate but are equally different in their approach to design, aesthetic, process, theory, experience and personality -- especially personality, however. Let's just say these are the sort of spots that make the lady bug more beautiful. Essentially, the night truly was a remarkable one (when on the subject of type).

It was great to see and witness with my own eyes that people exist apart from our little type community here at school, who have made a career out of their interest in or -- relationship rather -- with type. These boys are extremely serious about their letters, if you know what I mean...I found that especially true with Jesse and Aaron -- in fact Jesse is a type tutor/professor and Aaron is one of his students in the program called  Type@Cooper. Matteo -- well Matteo began telling us that when designing, he works straight from the computer -- and never draws. Jokingly or not, this set the tone for his entire "demeanor" which constitutes of him being: funny as hell, blunt as hell and overall -- extremely Italian. Roberto, in the same likeness shared a bit of Matteo's lose ended approach to design (I found) but with a little more care and compassion to the work (rather than Matteo making most of the work seem like "oh this is just another business deal". Don't get me wrong, we all need that quality in us, it's what pays the bills -- thought what I am saying is that a healthy balance is more appropriate. Now on the subject of equilibrium: can you imagine if all their personalities were combined into one person -- HOLY SHERINS! (Name of my Typography Professor Sophmore year)...what a typographically beautiful world we would live in!

Video of the talk soon to come!

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