Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Illy truck driving in Astoria, 2011
Illy  Coffee -- my favorite. Illy Packaging -- also my favorite. I know, I know....I too see the trend in Italian design: throw in a red box, slab in some text -- voila! Just hear me out: Italians really do have a way with slogans and well in the end, the products pretty much outweigh all! Illy is a quintessential example of this: good, clean, fresh and fun design! Walking to the subway this morning, I was taken back by the magnitude of this illy truck you see up top. I couldn't let it slip away so I waved to the driver, asked him to stop the truck and stole a picture from my phone! I'm a sucker for pretty things -- and this, this was a pretty little monster truck. 

Some other fun slogans/design from illy include:

Subway add downtown -- how can you not love this? Get it? "Rome" the streets of New York! Heee hee hee!

Subway, 2011

Miss illy -- Creative Director at Barney's New York, Simon Doonan, took the current food culture theme and worked with illy on their window display using recycled tin and coffee to create the greatest holiday showcase thus far! Miss illy -- you go girl!

Miss illy, 2010
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