Friday, April 1, 2011

Google Fools You

Photograph from film Helvetica

Helvetica -- The font you hate to love (Yes, that means you Elisabeth -- To those of you who are unaware, I happen to adore Helvetica while other companions of mine share different feelings about the oh so versatile type face). Moving along, here's one more reason to hate it (well not hate it... hate is a very strong word, how about we say here's something to get you all grumpy over?): Google straight up fooled you today. How? Just type in "Helvetica" into Google.

Screen shot of Google April Fools joke

Substituting the world's most functional font -- Helvetica -- for the world's most horrendous font -- Comic Sans -- had to be one of the funniest moments in Google history. How very sweet. NOT! We should all tell Google that bing is looking mighty fine these days (not really)..but you get the gist. April Fools!

So if you:

A.) Are laughing right now -- laugh on (I still have yet to recover)...
B.) Have no idea what I'm talking about -- then we can't be friends
C.) Good bye
D.) I guess you can redeem your friendship by watching this

Till next time,

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  1. I swear. It's like she is the older sister I never had or something....

    "Why does Helvetica have such a cult following?

    JH: To be honest, I have no idea. I think it’s a boring font. It definitely is a very useful font, but not worthy of its cult status. Helvetica is great if you want the type to not be the focus of whatever you’re working on. It becomes invisible because we’re so used to seeing it, which is great for things like information graphics where the information is the most important part and if the type had personality it would take you that half second longer to absorb the information. I also think it’s relatively difficult to work with. It’s hard to make Helvetica look really good. The lighter weights are nice and elegant and the thickest weights can be nice for their boldness but everything in between is just too vanilla for my taste."