Thursday, March 31, 2011

San Pellegrino Swapping Dresses -- oo la la

Photographed on my kitchen counter

Perhaps the tastiest, most refreshing and lovely water packaging company that exists (in my opinion) is San Pellegrino -- a mineral water brand that adds just a tad bit of carbonation when produced (made in San Pellegrino, Terme, in the Province of Bergamo, Italy). We store this sparkling water by the case at home and several weeks ago I came across a particular design which was unfamiliar to my knowledge of the brand. It looked as if the pattern was an intricate quilt—truly beautiful. I saved the bottle -- thought nothing of it. Ironically enough, today I read about a partnership between S.Pellegrino and Bvlgari. When I read it, I performed the whole talk in my head scenario "Bvlgari? Well why in the world? I wonder if the other bottle I found...Oh...Make sense now". The bottle I stumbled upon however, was an exclusive one made in partnership with the Italian clothing brand Missioni. This special sleeve was designed by the folks at Missioni and it proves to be just as sleek and just as beautiful as the Bvlgari bottle you see below. From dress to dress, this sparkling water brand is continuously going through diva transformations, especially when teamed up with Bvlgari on the limited edition bottle -- clearly stating they accept Bvlgari's invitation to mark the luxury jewelers 125 year anniversary.

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