Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buon Compleanno Italia

Poster I made for the 150th Anniversary -- Inspired by 1949 Olivetti Poster -- Giovanni Pintori

One hundred and fifty years ago today marks the unification of Italy. Today we celebrate the anniversary with waving flags, assorted sweets and a darn good orchestra orchestrating the national anthem. What we often forget is that the idea of a "united Italy" came fairly recently and Italians sometimes fail to regard themselves as "one" people. Thankfully today, we can proudly celebrate this beautiful country* (correction: some of us can proudly celebrate). Buon compleanno darling. Let the haters keep hating...

Please watch this beautiful video. Go ahead, be inspired or cry your eyes out. The type on the little boys soccer jerseys indicate the date of Italy's unification -- how sneaky, how clever, how beautiful.

Yesterday, during our History of Visual Communications class we observed propaganda art from all over the world; Germany -- London -- Russia -- U.S., etc. The idea of nationalism and zeal involved into serving ones country was inadvertently forced upon its people. In some way, I feel like this sweet and subtle video serves as the antithesis of that -- however, it still implies the same gesture of pride, nationalism and love for one's country. 

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