Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday!

You've heard the expression before: 40... it's the new 30? Well, I'm not sure who is responsible for this nasty little lie but, it's exactly that: a lie. People, (including mermaids), should embrace their 40s! Especially when you're Starbucks. Happy belated birthday to YOU!

PS. I love your new logo.

Let's talk about this. The new Starbucks logo lacks text and to some people, that may not seem like a big deal, but to a designer, it really is. Lesson one in any marketing or design scheme: it's all about the brand name. It should be the most apparent piece of text on the package. I remember while designing sustainable wine boxes for a graphic production class last year, my Professor would pull the whole "Well if this is my company, WHY is my name the smallest text on the box? I love my company. Now make it bigger." Starbucks on the other hand, well, it's being quite the rebel. Maybe it's their ego or perhaps they really are trying to take a minimalist approach to their design. Either way, in  lieu of the well known "Starbucks" text, stands (well, floats right?) a poise little mermaid with long long locks and a sweet little smile.

Do I think it's a bold move? Yes. Do I hate it? No. Do I love it? Well duh. It's refined, it's fresh, it's more stylized and simple but not boring—not boring is key. You can dislike it all you want but change is in my opinion, part of a company's growth. I know many people are considerably frusutrated with the look because it's not familiar to them, however. I've got news for you Debbie Downers: The coffee hasn't changed. So cheer up. Enjoy a cup. Enjoy your life. They even have little petite sized sweets for you thrifty weight watchers too! Rock on Starbucks (though I will admit, I'm NOT the biggest fan of your coffee).


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