Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doodle While You're Lost - ba ra ba ba ba ba ba!

I know you've done it too -- Gotten off the wrong subway stop. As a result you take the next stop. Go back several stops. Only to find you've been on the wrong line all along? Mercy. I'm guilty as charged. Yesterday I took the wrong train coming home from the Cooper Hewitt Museum while being engulfed in a rather engaging conversation with a friend.  All you need is an interesting plot and my ears are glued. Time? Who cares about the time! Until your friend's gone and you're the one stuck in Queensbridge -- with nothing but a bag full a beads, a 4 inch sketchbook and a few pastels at hand.

Here are a few skecthes inspired by Sonia Delaunay dearest while taking an extra lengthy train ride home. The sketches are quite adolescent but I do believe they carry a playfulness so greatly influenced by the beloved Sonia. Enjoy! -- Or not.


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