Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jeez Louise -- Who Made You So Fabulous?

According to Emerson --
"Every artist was first an amateur."

Thankfully right? Although that may be true in most cases, something happened when the design gods made Louise Fili -- she just may have been born fabulous, or something like that. Really, I have only familiarized myself with her work within these past 6 months, however. In these 6 months, I feel like something has drastically changed in my design aesthetic. I'm going to sound really strange right now but the only way I can describe it is in the following manner, now close your eyes:

It's spring.
You're lying on the grass and the sun is warm and the breeze feels good.
Baskets are beside you and they're filled with cheeses and white wines.
At the moment, you're eating 2 scoops of pistacchio.
And when you're done -- you'll have two more.
Every so often, children in white apparel skip by and tell you a joke
about your face looking funny or how they're responsible for
painting the sky such a pretty blue.
Oh and I forgot to mention, the sky is just the prettiest blue!
You welcome the silly-ness, the playfulness. 
You're in feel good mode.
Your boyfriend is playing Here Comes the Sun on his geee-tar.
You're happy and life is good.
You see lots of colors -- sometimes it's soft pinks and other times it's deep reds.
Stacks of poetry by Walt Whitman and Napoleon are by your feet.
Oh hey by the way, you're bear foot.
You'll start reading after you've had a total of 9 scoops.
It never gets cold and it's always warm.
Always happy.

If you don't believe me, just have a look for yourself.

And so, every time I view her work -- I feel this way and as a result, it becomes evermore beautiful. Her style? Refreshing. Her detail? Most admirable. Did I mention her love of that beautiful, beautiful country called Italy? Can I just faint now? She is wondrous in all the ways that one can be. I had the privilege of learning about her through a Professor* who told me I should consider looking through her work if I love design and Italy. Looking back, it's been both a blessing and a curse -- a blessing because the work is out of this world -- and a curse because I browse through it so much, her blog might as well become my homepage.

A presto,

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